Student Achievement Awards Competition District Winners

Many great submissions were received and judged at the District Level showing us that our students are very expressive and that there is Excellence in Education in District 22. The submissions below were chosen as the OSSTF Student Achievement Awards District Winners for this school year. Winning submissions were sent to Provincial OSSTF for Regional Level judging. Congratulations go out to the following students and sponsoring teachers:

Category A1 - Prose/Poetry - Ella Hancock, EL Crossley SS
Sponsoring Teacher: Kim Yallup
Intermediate, 9-10 Academic Title: The Mirror Becomes a Wall
Click on Ella Hancock to access her winning entry.

Category A3 - Prose/Poetry - Kaitlyn Riemer, Fort Erie SS
Sponsoring Teacher: Patrick Sirianni
Senior, 11-12 University Title: This Person
Click on Kaitlyn Riemer to access her winning entry.

Category A4 - Prose/Poetry - Madison Duck, South Lincoln HS
Sponsoring Teacher: Kristen Corcoran
Senior, 11-12 College/Workplace Title: My Little Girl
Click on Madison Duck to access her winning entry.

Category B2 - Creative - Emmah Farrell, Eden HS 
Sponsoring Teacher: Cheryl Caldwell
Visual Arts - Senior, 11-12 Title: A Different Lense
Click on Emmah Farrell to access the written portion of her winning entry.  
Click on Emmah's Art Piece to access the art piece of her winning entry. 



End Violence Against Women - Dec. 6

Signing posters were sent to branches in time to support the "We Want to Put and End to Violence Against Women" campaign. The need for action continues. Violence against women is not acceptable, yet every day women and girls continue to experience harassment, bullying and assault, often at the hands of those closest to them. The D22 Niagara Status of Women Committee gathered information for branches to be read during the morning announcements on December 6th, commemorating the horific mass murder at École Polytechnique in Montreal. 14 victims were murdered simply because they were women. In 1991 the Canadian Parliament declared December 6th an annual Day of Rememberance and Action on Violence Against Women, and is a day for each of us to examine our beliefs, our words and our actions. 

poster govsouth lincoln white ribbon