Mental Health & Workplace Violence Workshops

Professional Development Workshop for Occasional Teachers

Presented by OSSTF/FEESO        
Date: Friday, February 3, 2017
Location: OSSTF, 1877 Merrittville Hwy., Fonthill

Cost: Free to OTs

9:30 am Session: MENTAL HEALTH - LET'S ACT

This workshop will provide members with an opportunity to better understand the importance of mental health, the impact of mental illness, and offer strategies about how we can respond to the reality of mental health in education today. Relevant resources will also be provided to workshop participants.


This workshop will provide an understanding of workers' rights to safety, employer and employee responsibilities, and the necessary resources - such as the development of safety plans as required by government policy - to protect workers in educational settings. DSBN specific forms/resources will be looked at during this workshop.

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D22 OSSTF's Annual Children's Christmas Party

 This year's Family Christmas Party was a great turn out with many members eliz 2016and their families in attendance, gathered for an afternoon of Christmas fun shared with their colleagues. Registered children ages 12 and under received a gift from Santa. The children enjoyed themselves by colouring, creating their own Christmas decorations and icing their gingerbread men. All unclaimed gifts were donated to FACS.

elizabeth and her cookie 2016Much thanks goes out to Bonnie Doucet, Lisa Etienne and Shannon Smith for organizing such a fun and wonderful event, to our Brock U volunteers for being Santa's Helpers, to Shelley Cutts and the students from the Peninsula Youth Centre for wrapping gifts, and last but not least, a big thank you to Joe Fiocca for doing a great job playing Santa Claus!

                       Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!